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Skye's Blog


Just put laundry away and also need to put dishes away.


Finally got my carrot cake yesterday, and it was delicious.


Thank you for reading my blog, nothing new to post about really. Will post tomorrow though, I promise.


Tomorrow is my birthday, I dont think ill be doing anything except having ice cream since Walmart didnt have my cake sadly.

Oh well, itll still be a good day. Ive got daddy and the doggos with me.


Today is the 4th of July, and I feel no desire to celebrate it. It just doesn't feel right to celebrate a country with the current administration and people still having to fight for their rights.

Until that happens I don't think a celebration is in order.


Did some vacuuming and cleaning today!

Stardate 98031.03:

Had some weird dreams last night, and had night sweats but other than that I slept alright; Just a side affect of my meds I believe, it doesn't happen all the time but it does happen.

Also picked weeds today so they do not get too out of control like before.


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