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Night Surfer had always loved magical Celest with its vast, beautiful hills. It was a place where she felt relaxed and where she could live in peace.

She was a sympathetic, grateful, pegasus with dark blue fur and light blue and green striped mane and tail. Her friends saw her as a shy and nice filly who loved to help where she could. Once, she had even saved a white kitten that had gotten stuck in a drain. That's just the sort of filly she was.

Night walked over to the window and reflected on her surroundings, enjoying the sound of the rain beating down on the roof of the house; That is what she loved about the rain, the sound and smell.

Than she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Diamond Ray. Diamond was a handsome stallion and he was white with a black mane and tail; despite the coloring he was one of Night's very best friends as they had done a lot together.

Night gulped and watched as he got closer to her house. She was not prepared for Diamond.

Luckily the rain had stopped as Diamond made his way to the house, even so Night could tell he was soaked and yet Diamond looked happy for some reason or another.

Diamond gazed with the affection of one who had been in long thought about what he was about to do.
He said, in hushed tones, "I need to talk to you Night, its important."

Night looked back, even more puzzled and her wings were ruffled from the unexpected visit. "Diamond, please come in," she replied.

They looked at each other as different emotions ran across their faces, like two dogs meeting for the first time and unsure how to approach each other, they stood staring at each-other for a few seconds before Night blushed and stepped aside so Diamond could come into the house.

Night went and sat down at the table she had set up for visits such as these and motioned with her hoof for Diamond to come and sit down.

Diamond looked happy, his emotions not hidden at all and he came in and sat down next to Night who was still pizzled about why he had come to visit her.

Night looked at Diamond and said calmly, "Would you like a drink Diamond?" Diamond nodded and Night went and got them both a cup of cider and sat back down. Night then spoke again. "Now what did you wanna talk about?"




Started first chapter of my new story and website is nearly finished.